Easy and Fresh Summer Recipes
Easy and Fresh Summer Recipes
August 2, 2017 • Posted by Jessica Pontoriero

Summer is a season filled with sunshine, fresh air, and fun! If you are looking for delicious recipes this summer, let Cuisinart be your guide! Our tasty Summer meals and desserts are perfect for a BBQ, picnic, snack, or weeknight meal:

  1. Fresh Summer Smoothie: It’s time for a tropical blast of flavor with this fresh summer smoothie! Simply combine pineapple and mint into a blender and enjoy.
  2. Vegetable Summer Rolls: It doesn’t get any fresher than this. Tofu, soy sauce, lettuce, carrots are all rolled up into a rice paper wrap…yummy!
  3. Steamed Summer Squash & Zucchini: Want a fresh and easy side dish? You got it! Fill our multicooker with summer squash and zucchini and steam for just 6 minutes.
  4. Summer Salad: Cheese tortellini, veggies, and bacon are tossed together to make a satisfying pasta salad perfect for an outdoor celebration.
  5. Summer Shakes: This sweet treat is filled with chocolate ice cream, peanut butter, and chocolate syrup. But wait, that’s not all! This delightful shake with whipped cream and mini chocolate chips.
  6. Summer Fruit Tart: Rhubarb, cherries, blueberries, chia seeds, and honey are nestled inside a homemade dough and topped with coconut cream and melted chocolate!
  7. Easy Summer Pie: Take a bite of citrusy paradise! This pie is made of a gramcracker crust and filled with frozen limeade and whipped cream. Best. Summer. Dessert. Ever!
  8. Summer Turkey Burger: Grill it up! These burgers will be the star of the show. Fresh ground turkey, onions, Worcestershire sauce, and feta cheese make one delicious meal!
  9. Fresh Summer Spaghetti: Crisp yellow pepper, fragrant basil, lemon zest, and garlic make this pasta dish extra appetizing.
  10. Summer Berry Salad: Lettuce fill our plates with this flavorful salad! Mixed berries and goat cheese are smothered in a lemon honey vinaigrette.
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